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October 29, 2019

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

As the following  2019 statistics will attest, HR Properties has demonstrated once again that hard work and dedication pays off for you and Harbour Ridge without any expense to you or Harbour Ridge.  We have always paid for our advertising and marketing.  After many decades, Tony, Gwen and I have proven our motto to be true:  HR Properties,  now also known as the HR Prop Team at The Keyes Company, Provides Stability Through Continuity To The Harbour Ridge Real Estate Market.

Currently, there are 21 homes + 29 condominiums or a total of 50 properties in the community that are for sale.  A good economy and our hard work has helped reduce the number of properties for sale from close to 15% of the total number of homes and condos a year or two ago to roughly 7% of the total number of properties in the community.  We remember the days when the inventory was way under 5% on the market and selling prices soared.  We vow to have that return and we know how to do it.      Tony, Gwen and I are once yet again  proud to have been the major contributor to the reduced inventory of our community.

During Season 2017, 43 properties sold.  In Season 2018, 63 properties sold.  In Season 2019, a total of 60 properties sold.

The beginning of Season 2020 has been active with 3 closed transaction and 4 pending transactions.




  • The above stats are taken directly from the Multiple Listing Service of Martin County as they are REPORTED TO THE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE BY THE LISTING BROKER, THE LISTING REAL ESTATE COMPANY and therefore deemed to be reliable.
  • The Above stats do not Include Family Transfers

BUYERS MARKET SHARE – 2019:  Each square represents the number of buyer the firm has sold a property

Again, the above statistics are taken directly from the Multiple Listing Service of Martin County as they are recorded by the listing office.

SELLERS MARKET SHARE – 2019:  The Number of Broker’s Listed Properties That Have Sold During Season 2019

Why list with the HR PROP TEAM, the answer should be obvious.  We are the Real Estate Team that produces for our listing sellers.  Tony, Gwen and I marketed and sold 19 of our own listings, over 50%, and we have an excellent reputation and cooperate with other outside real estate firms.

What Price Range Sold in Season 2019: 

It is good that we have reduced the property inventory to a manageable number.  However, it is not good that pricing remains for the most part stagnant.  With a reduced number of properties for sale, we are confident that prices will increase. The Amenities, golf courses, fitness center, Clubhouse, boating facilities, Spa,… are all first class and second to none.  However, many of our homes and condominiums have not been refurbished since they were built.  We have recently begun to work with a noted Home Stagger who has staged many properties for millions of dollars in New York City and its environs and recently began working in the Palm Beach area.  Stagging is professionally preparing the home and its varied features for sale in the real estate market.  Staging is not decorating.    If you wish to know more about home staging, please call Kathy or Gwen to discuss.  A few dollars spent on painting and moving furniture can earn you thousands on the sale of your home.  Tony, Gwen and I  are proud to initiate and bring to the Harbour Ridge community.

HR Properties, Tony and I have been listing and renting properties for well over 2 dozen years and for the last decade with the help of Gwen Deisler.  As predicted, the new rental system is a nightmare that can only be compared to the politics of Washington, DC.   This past summer, we lost a very qualified buyer to Sailfish Point as they were not allowed to rent in Harbour Ridge with Club privileges.  They came and stayed in the community and even though they had my membership number to be my guest and freely use the facilities, they did not feel comfortable or welcomed by HR Management.   They are a lovely couple; it is a loss for HR.

Thinking of buying or selling, no one knows Harbour Ridge better than the Team that lives in Harbour Ridge, Tony and Kathy close to 30 years and Gwen, for over 30 years.  We were all babies when we moved here!

Now for some exciting &  fun news – Tony and I are expecting!  Leppard THE Shepherd arrives mid-December and we are thrilled.  Christmas arrives early this year in our house and we cannot wait. Don’t ask about the name!!!

Please visit our website by clicking on the above links to preview our Featured Listings and All Harbour Ridge Listings.

We hope you have  a safe trip back to Harbour Ridge, see you around campus.



Tony & Kathy Stein

(772) 260-5499





Gwen Deisler




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