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October 1, 2017

Dear Fellow Friends & Members,

It is that time of year again when we compile sales information, compare the information with previous years, reflect on our marketing and sales strategy and make improvements and changes to help our clients, fellow members and friends sell or rent their homes/condominiums.  The HR Properties’ Team is dedicated to the promotion and success of real estate in Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club.  Every member of the HRP Team, Tony Stein, Broker, Kathy Stein, Gwen Deisler are members of Harbour Ridge and own property in the community.  Our motivation is to successfully and professionally list, market and sell your property when you decide it is time to either leave Harbour Ridge or move into a larger or smaller home or condominium.  It is because of our resolve on behalf of our clients and fellow members of Harbour Ridge, that we have successfully delivered more sales over the last 2+ decades than all other real estate companies working in the community.  Our diligence and determination combined with our advertising strength and internet reach, has provided a superior quality of service for all our clients, fellow members and friends.   The HRP Team works for you and reports only to you. 

All of us at <HRP> read last month’s newsletter with much satisfaction and great delight as the marketing manager stated: “I am very excited to share that the Membership and Marketing Department had an extremely busy summer.  More importantly, we met – and exceeded – our sales goals for the year!”    As you can see from the following grid,  HR Properties is proud once again to have been the major contributing factor in making that goal happen.  Our success reconfirms that, HR Properties knows how to market Harbour Ridge and our marketing dollars are spent wisely and at no cost to the  Harbour Ridge membership.  It remains our belief that if the management could engage the outside real estate firms in marketing our community, such as John’s Island, Piper’s Landing and Lost Tree has, that our property values and demand for them would increase dramatically.

Season 2017 Final Stats

Season 2016

Season 2015

Market Update – Fiscal Year End Stats


 CLOSED Transactions – Season 2017

HR Properties has an excellent working relationship with all real estate firms.

This season, HR Properties sold 4 properties that were listed with other brokers:  Waterfront Realty, ReMax, EKP Realty & Keller Williams of Palm City.

 2017 Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club End Of Season Statistics

  • The above pricing does not reflect equity contributions given by some sellers to entice a buyer.
  • Equities given by sellers range from $19,000+- to the full amount of $68,000 in order to effect a sale.
  • 44% of all sales are under $100,000 with 62% of all sales under $200,000

As you can see from the above stats, the majority of recent buyers are looking for properties from 1,500 to 2,400 square feet under air.

In Florida, homes are listed and sold by living space under air.  They are not listed by gross square feet which includes non-air-conditioned space such as garages, lanais, porches and the like.

In the Club’s 2017 fiscal year, 10 San Remo homes sold.  The San Remo Collection home, if not expanded, is generically 2,189 SF.  The  Portofino Collection home, if not expanded, is generically 2,179 SF.

  • One of the Marbella homes was expanded to have a floor plan well over 3,000 sf.

Statistics Show That The Vast Majority of Sales were  2,400 square feet or less “under air”

While the reason for HR Properties’ success is multifold, it is mainly attributed to a winning Team, Tony Stein, Broker and a retired Real Estate Attorney from Schibell & Mennie, Kathy Stein and Gwen Deisler who have diverse backgrounds in multiple areas of business each having owned their own businesses.  The experiences and creativity is what makes HR Properties unique and why it continues to be the leading real estate firm at Harbour Ridge.  We care about our fellow members and want to help them even when it is not in our pecuniary interest to do so.

Our success is also attributed to our award winning website,, dedicated to promoting sales and rentals in Harbour Ridge” coupled with an extensive advertising program with 2 of the best search engines promoting communities like Harbour Ridge, The Golf Course Home Network, (click here to view online), and The Private Communities Registry, (Click Here to view online), as well as more traditional advertising offered to real estate firms such as, Zillow, Trulia, Florida Properties, to name just a few.

We want to hear from you!  While we have many additional programs and updates that we are in the process of implementing to our website and advertising program this season, we appreciate and are always open to your suggestions.  Please e-mail or call Gwen or me with your comments or recommendations.

To Preview Harbour Ridge Homes or Condos For Sale or Rentals, Please click on the Real Estate Tab on the Top Menu Bar and then select either Homes, Condominiums or Rentals

HR Properties Stability through Continuity To the Harbour Ridge Real Estate Market Since 1992

Tony & I made a commitment to Harbour Ridge real estate over 24 years ago and renew it every year.  Gwen Deisler, celebrating over 30 years at HR Properties, has been making her commitment since 2011.

We believe that when you make a commitment you build hope, when you keep it you build trust.  Thank you

Tony Stein, Broker

Kathy Stein, Gwen Deisler

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