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September 2015 Market Update

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

Meet the HR Properties’ Team!    HR Properties was started over 2 decades ago by Tony Stein in response to the member’s needs to improve sales and marketing at Harbour Ridge.   When you call HR Properties, you do not get handed over to a team of new agents who are not experienced in the Harbour Ridge Lifestyle, you get Tony Stein, Kathy Stein or Gwen Deisler – all members of Harbour Ridge who have lived in the community for decades.      With over a combined 56 years of living in the community, we are the “411 to go to team” for information about Harbour Ridge.  Selling is what we do and unlike all other firms, we focus exclusively on Harbour Ridge and you.


Tony Stein, a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker and a New Jersey attorney, started HR Properties in 1994 in response to a growing need within the community to market and sell resale properties. He graduated from Georgetown University (A.B.’63) and Seton Hall University School of Law (J.D.’66). He has spent more than 49 years as a real estate professional including 25 years in the active practice of real estate law as senior partner at the Short Hills, NJ, law firm of Stein & McGuire. He was General Counsel to the Colonial Savings Bank and the Elizabeth Savings Bank. He has served on the real estate committees of the American Bar Association, the New Jersey State Bar Association, the New Jersey Savings Banks Association and the United State League of Savings Associations. Further, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of a Savings Bank, multiple private schools, a golf club and philanthropic organizations.

In 1991 he was appointed an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach Community College in West Palm Beach, FL where he taught Real Estate Law and Practice. Prior to forming HR Properties, he was associated with the Florida real estate firms of Fenton & Lang of Stuart and Jupiter, and Progressive Properties in Palm City.

He is married to Kathleen for — many years!, has 2 sons, 7 grandchildren and has lived at Harbour Ridge since 1989.  To closest friends in the community, he is known as LBF = Lawyer, Broker, Friend.

Kathy Stein, “born and raised at the Jersey shore”, began her real estate sales career in 1992 with Gimbelstob, (now Caldwell Banker), Better Homes and Gardens done by Landscaping Dublin | Best Garden Designers | Landscape Gardeners Dublin | Gardening Services | Garden Decking for every space !
Realty with offices in Stuart and throughout south Florida. She joined Tony in forming HR Properties in 1994. She is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, the Florida Associations of REALTORS and the REALTORS Association of Martin County.  A graduate of Marymount University, she holds certificates from the Florida Institute of Real Estate Studies.

Kathy started her work career as a junior high school mathematics teacher in private and parochial schools.

For over two decades, Kathy has used her talents as owner of C.E.O. Shoppers which specialized in the purchase and sale of promotional gifts and prizes for corporations and private golf clubs throughout the country. This connection enabled Kathy to meet many executives and golf club members who are interested in Florida real estate.

Kathy’s computer literacy coupled with her artistic abilities allows her to create and publish exceptional brochures for our listed properties. Kathy designed and maintains the website, the only real estate website totally and exclusively dedicated to sales and rentals Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club.

Her previous affiliation enables her to maintain close contact and relationships with local real estate brokers and agents throughout south Florida.

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Gwen_web2

Gwen Deisler was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. She has an extensive business background having worked for General Motors Corporation and as an executive assistant for Penn General Insurance. In 1995, she formed Deisler Software Training offering personal in-home and in-office computer instruction.

Upon obtaining her Real Estate Sales Associate license in 2009. Gwen spent 2 years working for Premier Realty Group on Sewall’s Point. She is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, the Florida Associations of REALTORS and the REALTORS Association of Martin County.

Gwen was President of the National Computer Education Foundation which was founded in Stuart, Florida. Its mission was to see that all children have the opportunity to be educated in computer technology. She is especially proud of her achievements of setting up a computer room at the Golden Gate Cassidy Center in Stuart and helping the children learn typing and computer skills.

Gwen is a licensed pilot and received her training in Stuart at Witham Field. During the 1980’s, she and husband, Joe, were part of a group that owned thorough-bred horses and enjoyed the winner’ circle at both Hialeah and Gulf Stream Park.

Although she hasn’t had much time for golf in recent years, Gwen’s knowledge of gated waterfront golfing communities, as well as, Real Estate in Martin and St. Lucie Counties brings a special expertise to her clients.

Gwen and Joe have lived in Harbour Ridge since 1985. Her son Jeff and his family, live in Minneapolis, and love to visit especially during those sub-zero Minnesota winters.

The HR Properties Team is proud to belong to the Realtor’s Association of Martin County which includes the MLXChange MLS system, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the National Realtors Associations.  Through our dues and fees to these associations, we are afforded continuing education and knowledge to stay “on top of our game” and give our clients the kind of professional Real Estate experience they deserve.

HR Properties to date has been successful in selling and has sold more than half the members their homes/condos – we love having that many friends!  “Remember: Friends Bring Friends To Harbour Ridge”

Most frequently asked members questions :

  • What is the “standard” commission on real estate transactions?
    1. The “standard” commission is 6%. Many Brokers will add to that commission by charging hidden fees such as a Broker Signing fee of a $400 to $500 when the property is sold.  Many Brokers will also charge the “buyer” the same signing fee for purchasing your property.  The fees are usually collected at closing and most sellers are unaware of these extraneous fees.  At HR Properties, we believe that your commission covers all your expenses and HR Properties does not charge any additional expenses or fees.
  • Should I expect to pay a cancellation fee if I wish to cancel my listing with one firm and move it to another.
    1. Absolutely not! If a real estate firm charges you a cancellation fee, where is their incentive to work?  If you are unhappy with a firm’s performance and wish to cancel you listing, why would a firm want to hold you hostage by charging you a $500 cancellation fee?  If you list with HR Properties, we will advertise your home or condo and market it for rent if you wish on our award winning website,, and our premier search engines: and  It will also be showcased on the Multiple Listing Service of Martin County, Trulia, Zillow, Florida Properties,, and other publications.  We do not and will not subscribe to IDX system as it is no benefit to the community and can in fact be a detriment.  However, if at any time you are not happy with what we are doing, you are free to cancel your listing with no hard feelings whatsoever. HR Properties will advertise your property and use their best resources to sell it but we will not hold you hostage by charging you a cancellation fee.

Market Update – Season 2015, (October 1, 2014 to present date):

To date there have been 52 closed transaction and 3 pending sales.  Two of these transactions include the Club’s purchase of a delinquent property which is clearly not an arm’s length transaction.  The following is a grid showing each company’s market share of bringing buyers to Harbour Ridge.  HR Properties is pleased to have out preformed all real estate companies combined.

HR Properties 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Berkshire Hathaway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14                          
Keller Williams 1 2                                                  
Strategic Marketing/Sales 1                                                    
Elliot Paul 1                                                    
Re/Max 1                                                    
Private Sales 1 2 3 4 5                                            
HR  POA Purchase 1 2                                                  

Closed & Pending Sales:

# Closing List Prc Sold Prc Model Village Listing Broker Selling Broker
3 Pending $739,000 Barcelona Buttonbush HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
2 Pending $995,000 Sand Pine Sand Pine Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway
1 Pending $600,000 Atlantis Riverside Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway
Closed Homes & Condos  
50 09-02-15 $189,000 $139,000 Portofino Buttonbush Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway
49 09-01-15 $399,000 $380,000 Marbella Mariner HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
48 09-01-15 $225,000 $225,000 Marbella Royal Fern HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
47 08-31-15 $74,000 $68,000 2-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
46 08-31-15 $8,300 $23,000 2-Bd Patio Dewberry Bank Represented Private
45 07-31-15 $89,000 $60,000 Patio Fig Tree HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
44 07-09-15 $795,000 $625,000 Barcelona Mariner Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway
43 07-09-15 $105,000 $39,000 2-Bedroom Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES Re/Max
42 07-06-15 $400,000 $350,000 Barcelona E Hammock HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
41 07-01-15 $395,000 $340,000 Barcelona Deer Moss HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
40 07-01-15 $250,000 $210,668 Portofino Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
39 06-30-15 $235,000 $210,000 Cordova Buttonbush HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
38 06-30-15 $459,000 $425,000 Cordova Buttonbush HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
37 06-26-15 $39,900 100 2-bed Palmetto BHHS HRYCC – Club
36 06-24-15 $445,000 $320,000 Marbella W. Hammock Water Pointe Realty HR PROPERTIES
35 06-24-15 $1,299,000 $1,175,000 Custom Harbour HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
34 06-22-15 $449,000 $375,000 Riverside Nautilus Southbys BHHS
33 06-19-15 $259,000 $125,000 San Remo Cinnamon HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
32 06-09-15 $390,000 $340,000 Cordova Deer Moss Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway
31 06-08-15 $105,000 $70,000 Patio 2Bed Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
30 05-27-15 Not listed $75,000 2-Bed Pond Apple Not Listed Berkshire Hathaway
29 05-28-15 Not listed $60,000 San Remo Greenbriar Not Listed Private Sale
28 05-13-15 Not listed $250,000 San Remo Bayberry Not Listed Private Sale
27 06-01-15 $9,500 $5,000 Patio 2Bed Fairway HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
26 05-14-15 $675,000 $675,000 Barcelona Royal Fern HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
25 05-14-15 $600,000 $600,000 Atlantis Riverside HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
24 05-15-15 $165,000 $130,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
23 05-01-15 $250,000 $232,500 Portifino Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
22 04-16-15 $69,900 $50,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
21 04-13-15 $299,000 $275,000 Portofino Sweetbay Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
20 04-03-15 $300,000 $250,000 San Remo Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
19 03-31-15 Not listed $83,000 San Remo Greenbriar Not Listed Private Sale
18 03-23-15 $325,000 $300,000 Cordova Lancewood Stracuzzi Keller Williams
17 03-09-15 $109,000 $92,500 2-Bed Bayhead Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
16 02-18-15 $95,000 $57,500 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Elliot Paul Co
15 03-02-15 $149,000 $117,000 3-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
14 02-19-15 Not listed $30,200 2-Bed Palmetto None HRYCC for BOG
13 01-02-15 $150,000 $120,000 2-Bed Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
12 01-30-15 $135,000 $100,000 Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
11 01-22-15 $379,000 $350,000 Portofino Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
10 12-31-14 $20,000 $20,000 2-Bed Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway Keller Williams
9 11-12-14 $129,000 $100,000 2-Bed Bayhead Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
8 11-12-14 $299,000 $240,000 Barcelona Royal Fern Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
7 11-05-14 150,000 $145,000 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
6 10-15-14 $125,000 $125,000 Patio/Pool Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
5 10-15-14 $179,000 $156,000 3-Bed South Shore HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
4 10-14-14 $15,000 $10,000 2-Bed Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
3 10-13-14 $87,500 $35.000 Cottage Greenbriar Berkshire/Hathaway Private
2 10-08-14 $50,000 $7,000 2-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES Strategic Marketing
1 10-06-14 $100,000 $95,000 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES


The following are new listings in Harbour Ridge.  To preview on our website:, please click on the address link. is the only real estate website dedicated to Harbour Ridge and the homes and condos for sale in HR.

1531 Buttonbush Circle Palm City FL 34990 Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club - 40 Featured

Sorry, too late!  This Home Is Under Contract

But Still On Our Website – Take A Peek!

2016 Laurel Oak Lane - Harbour Ridge - PB - 50_Featured_House_August

2016 Laurel Oak Lane in Laurel Oak Village.    Wonderful remodeled and customized 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2,200 SF home located close to the Clubhouse & all facilities with many special features including: • One Room – Great Room Design – 24′ x 19′ w/Travertine floors throughout living areas, powder room and guest bath, Direct TV satellite dish with hook-ups in living room and den, and surround sound in living room. • The specialty de la maison is the new and completely modern 11’ x 15’ state of the art kitchen. New kitchen (2011) with Brookhaven by Wood-Mode cherry wood cabinetry, double ovens, five burner cook top, Sharp under-counter microwave, granite counters, glass tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and dry bar. • New laundry room with Duet washer/dryer, cherry wood cabinetry, granite counter top and pocket door. • OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE: • New two zone air conditioning with new ductwork, air handlers and condensers installed 2011 and 2012 • New roof 2004 Electrically operated hurricane shutter for front door Folding hurricane shutters on all windows Hurricane panels for attic air vents Hurricane proof garage door Full house generator with 500 gallon propane gas tank Key pad entry to garage , make sure you get it repaired with the help of this company that they serve all of Surrey • Added a powder room with stone floors, custom vanity and vessel sink • Added closet outside powder room Master bath with 36” custom vanity and cabinetry, porcelain tile floors, new rain head and hand held shower head • Guest area converted to ensuite Custom Murphy bed system with additional custom cabinetry in guest room • Guest bath with custom vanity, vessel sink and • Stone floors Travertine floors throughout living areas, powder room and guest bath • Built in cabinetry in den Surround sound in living room Direct TV satellite dish with hook-ups in living room and den • Closets all outfitted by California Closets 80 gallon hot water heater with hot water circulation system Full house water purification system (2012) • New double paned, single hung windows • New front door with new invisible screen door Plantation shutters throughout • Updated lighting and wiring throughout Ceiling fans throughout Stone decking on patio.  Asking $350,000

2012 Laurel Oak Lane Palm City Fl 34990 Harbour Ridge - 25 Featured Home

2012 Laurel Oak Lane in Laurel Oak Village   Located on the 9th fairway on the Pete and PB Dye designed River Ridge golf course, this Portofino Collection, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2,180 sf home is situated on a lot that is deep enough to support an addition. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated. There is tile floors throughout the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms. Newer roof, new air conditioner, new hot water heater, this home is close to the Clubhouse, village pool and all amenities.  Asking $289,000

12358 Harbour Ridge Blvd Palm City FL 34990 Harbour Riddge Yacht and Country Club - 25 Featured

12358 Harbour Ridge Blvd in South Shore Village   Updated and wonderfully renovated 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,960 SF, WIDE St. Lucie Riverfront condo not only has a total, premier and panoramic view of the river from every room except the guest bedroom but it has been updated with crown molding, tile floors, new carpet in the bedrooms, plantation shutters, and a modern eat-in kitchen. With location and view, all condominiums in South Shore Village have a 1 car garage plus a separate golf cart garage.  Asking $250,000.

2109 Greenbriar Lane Palm City FL 34990 Harbour Ridiige - 21 USE Featured

2109 Greenbriar Lane in Greenbriar Village.  Enjoy a picture perfect view that is second to none from this wonderfully updated, renovated and expanded Greenbriar home. With a special pond location, this home overlooks the water and the 14th hole on the Joe Lee designed, Golden Marsh golf course. Special features include: one room/great room design, tile floors throughout the living areas with carpet in the bedrooms, Florida room set up as a media room, new kitchen – appliances, cabinets, granite counters – breakfast/morning room with picture window to the lovely water view, 3-bedrooms and 2 new baths, private split bedroom floor plan, ceiling fans, 2-car garage with work area, wide and spacious – and lots more!  Asking $234,000

2229 Seagrass Drive Palm City FL 34990 - Harbour Ridge YCC - 25 Featured Golf View

2229 Seagrass Drive in Fairway Village   Are you looking to purchase a home that is totally move in ready? Look no further! This patio home has it all including location, location, location. This 3-Bedrooms, 2.5-bath, 1900 SF patio home located close to Clubhouse, driving range and all amenities has recently been updated and renovated to include the following wonderful features – wood floors in the one room/great room designed home and master bedroom; stone floors in the Florida greenhouse room, kitchen and powder room; carpet in the den/bedroom and guest bedroom suite; the master bedroom suite has a walk-in closet and a NEW bathroom – completed 2015; new roof; hardi-plank siding; generator; expanded floor plan with Florida room; vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, large capacity air-conditioner; NEW guest bathroom in the guest suite, garage with additional storage; a lot that will support the addition of a golf cart garage; central vac system & MORE! MOVE IN READY!  Asking $229,000

13201 Harbour Ridge Blvd Palm City FL Harbour Ridge YCC 20 - Featured Front Entry

13201 Harbour Ridge Blvd in Dewberry Village  Not to be missed. This adorable 2 bedroom / 2 bath CBS home in Dewberry Village affords a comfortable “care-free” lifestyle in Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club. New Roof 2011. Recently painted with new carpet, A/C, and ceiling fans. Additional air-conditioned room in the 2 car attached garage for an office or added storage. Private “end” unit overlooking #13 of Golden Marsh Course. Screened Patio with in-ground spa.  Asking $105,000.


13013 Harbour Ridge Blvd in Fig Tree Village.  Beautifully maintained home located directly across from the community pool in desirable Fig Tree Village. The spacious open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, large kitchen with breakfast area, work island, and wet bar allows for comfortable full time or seasonal enjoyment, plus easy entertaining. Split bedroom plan with 2.5 baths and additional den/bedroom/office. Private screened patio off living room.  Asking $139,000

We look forward to  your return to Harbour Ridge.  Tony always says to watch for the cold front of the season which signals the return of our Florida balmy weather.  We almost had a cold front this weekend but it was not strong enough.

To all, safe home to Harbour Ridge. 

Tony Stein, Kathy Stein & Gwen Deisler

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