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November 2016

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

We are very happy to send all our friends and fellow members at Harbour Ridge a list of properties for sale through HR Properties.  Fortunately, the list includes something for everyone, from a small 1,500 SF patio or condominium to a magnificent custom home, all with wonderful views and great prices.

You can tell your friends and relatives that NOW is the time to buy.  Harbour Ridge YCC has been in existence for decades and the amenities including the 2 championship golf courses, 98 marina slips, 9 tennis courts, our magnificent new lifestyle center, and even the dog park have never been better.  Through renovations over many years, everything looks brand “spanking” new!  The prices are a buyers delight and there should be no hesitation in buying into our superb, well established community and our convivial membership.

Please help us to continue spreading the word that Harbour Ridge is “The Place To Be” in Florida.  Remember our motto for over 2 decades of selling real estate exclusively in Harbour Ridge is “Friends Bring Friends To Harbour Ridge!

Currently For Sale In Harbour Ridge:


Friends Bring Friends To Harbour Ridge”  – Tony Stein, HR Properties 1994






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Looking For A Life?  HR Properties Has Your Style!

To Preview ALL Homes or Condominiums For Sale, click on the Real Estate Tab in the Top Menu Bar.

2017-computer-webready – The Only Real Estate Website Exclusively Dedicated To Sales & Rentals In Harbour Ridge

Real Estate 101 – When a real estate agent is looking for a home or a condominium to show a client, the agent goes to the multiple listing directory that services the area in which they are looking.  In our case, Harbour Ridge is located in the Multiple Listing Service of Martin County.  That is where a Realtor finds all of the listings above and all of the listing included in Harbour Ridge.  The Realtor than calls your listing agent, your Realtor, to discuss the fees associated with your listing, ask questions about your property and schedule an appointment.

Sales Years In Review:

In Season 2016 – there were 35 closed transactions.  Below is the number of Buyers each Real Estate Firm sold a home or a condo to during that season.

Broker                                #Buyers                   

HR Properties                 19 buyers

Berkshire Hathaway            6 buyers

Private                                     1 buyer

Keller Williams                     3 buyers

Hatch Group, KW                1 buyer

Atlantic Shores Realty         1 buyer

Bink Realty                            1

Foreclosure                            2 takeovers

Harbour Ridge POA             1

In Season 2015, there were 51 closed transactions.  Below is the number of Buyers each Real Estate Firm sold a home or a condo to during that season.

Broker                                   #Buyers                   

HR Properties                 26 buyers

Berkshire Hathaway          11 buyers

Keller Williams                   2 buyers

Private                                  7 buyer

Elliot Paul                            1 buyer

Re/Max                                1

Strategic Marketing           1

Harbour Ridge POA           2

Looking for more stats?  HR Properties has have been tracking resales at Harbour Ridge since we started selling real estate in our community – for over 2 decades!  Team HR Properties is proud of our contribution to real estate sales throughout our history and continues to out preform all other Real Estate firms.  We show and sell all multiple listed properties from every listing Broker at Harbour Ridge.

We want to hear from you!  While we have many additional programs that we plan to implement this season, we appreciate and are always open to suggestions.  Please e-mail or call Gwen or me with comments or recommendations.

The weather has improved and the temperature is delightful!  It was a long hot summer but finally, the heat and afternoon rains are gone and if you have not already done so, it is time to return.  We look forward to seeing you.  Remember, if you need anything – HR Properties Is Here For You 24/7! 

 Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a safe return.

 Tony Stein, Broker       Kathy Stein & Gwen Deisler

The All Member Realtors & Market Leader In Harbour Ridge

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE TONY_ME_PHOTO_2  Tony & Kathy Stein, 772-260-5499

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Gwen_web2  Gwen Deisler, 772-834-7959


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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Just want to get on you email list. I am sending you an email to discuss my parents condo (Tomasello). Really appreciate all your help this week!

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