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May Market Update

Dear Fellow Members & Friends,

2014 May MARKET UPDATE Tee Foursome

Construction on the new forward tees make snacking while playing even more convenient for some of our favorite residents.  Summer is here and projects have begun!

May 2014 Market Update:  Harbour Ridge is also rocking with 30 closed sales and 7 pending sales for season, 2014;  HR Properties is pleased to have helped with the majority of the buyers!  The following grid speaks for itself.

# Closing List Prc Model Village Listing Selling
1 10-01-13 $109,000 3-Bedroom Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
2 10-01-13 $289,000 Patio Fig Tree HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
3 10-01-13 $485,000 Barcelona Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
4 10-21-13 $125,000 Patio/Pool Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
*5 10-01-13 $123,500 Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
6 10-21-13 $50,000 Patio Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
7 11-28-13 $9,500 2-Bedroom Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
8 11-01-13 $389,000 Marbella Mariner HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
9 11-01-13 $149,900 3-Bedroom Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
10 11-01-13 $500,000 Cordova Live Oak HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
11 11-21-13 $39,000 2-Bedroom Mile Lake Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
12 11-26-13 $225,000 Portofino Laurel Oak Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
13 11-27-13 $149,000 San Remo Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
14 12-31-13 $224,000 Marbella Mariner Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
15 03-12-14 $75,000 San Remo Sweetbay Berkshire/Hathaway RML
16 03-17-14 $30,000 2-Bedroom Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
17 04-04-14 $75,000 San Remo Cinnamon Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
18 04-11-14 $25,000 3-Bedroom Mile Lake Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
19 04-12-14 $108,000 San Remo Cinnamon Private Sale Private Sale
20 04-17-14 $259,000 3-Bedroom So. Shore Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
21 04-17-14 $825,000 Custom Harbour Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
22 04-30-14 $139,000 San Remo Sweetbay Remax Remax
23 04-29-14 $120,000 3-Bedroom Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
24 05-01-14 $525,000 Atlantis Riverside Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
25 05-01-14 $25,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
26 05-15-14 $59,999 San Remo Greenbrier IPRE Berkshire/Hathaway
27 05-15-14 $349,000 San Remo Bayberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
28 05-15-14 $319,000 Marbella Live Oak HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
29 05-20-14 40,000 Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
30 05-20-14 8,900 2-Bed Palmetto HR PROPERTIES HR POA
1 Pending $95,000 2-Bed Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway Lifestyle Realty
2 Pending $275,000 3-Bedroom Bayhead HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
3 Pending $225,000 San Remo Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
4 Pending $279,000 Portofino Laurel Oak Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
5 Pending $350,000 San Remo Bayberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
6 Pending $285,000 Barcelona Royal Fern HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
7 Pending $349,000 Custom Harbour All FL Realty Group TBA

*  #15 and #22 are the same property – purchased and resold.

*  #17 has been re listed for sale

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Computer Screen

Gwen, Tony and I want to thank you for all the positive feedback on our new website,  As the only real estate website exclusively dedicated to sales and rentals at Harbour Ridge, it has received accolades from fellow members and our prospect list too.  If you have not visited, please click on the following  link to do so now and send us your comments and suggestions.  It is still a work in progress and will continue to evolve.


2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE 12336 Harbour Ridge Blvd 640

12336 Harbour Ridge Blvd. In South Shore Village

From the minute you enter this completely reconstructed home, you  are fixated with the experience of elegance and beauty.  Beautifully appointed one room – great room design.   Located in South Shore Patio Village, close to the St. Lucie River and Clubhouse, this home is totally new and recently remodeled by one of Florida’s most prestigious contractors, Jeff Pauley.  Every attention to detail is unequaled.  Special Features include:  One Room/Great Room Design, weighted blanket canada quality in each room, New Kitchen w/gs range, All New Custom Cabinets. All New Bathrooms, New Wood Floors Throughout, New Tile Floors In All Bathrooms, Custom Cabinetry, New Wet Bar, Granite, New Roof, 5 yrs +-, Hurricane Shutters, New Pool Cage With Evening Lighting, Pool w/Jacuzzi, New In Ground Broil Master Barbecue Off Kitchen, New Condenser & Compressor, New Landscaping & Lighting and So Much More!  If you are reading this e-mail online, please preview this wonderful offering by going to the REAL ESTATE tab on the top menu bar > HOMES FOR SALE section.


2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE 01_Listings

Looking For A Life?  We Have Your Style!

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE 02_Listings

 Access All Listing Though The Top Menu Bar Under The Real Estate Tab

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE 03_Listings

Tony Stein, Kathy Stein & Gwen Deisler, The HR Properties’ Team,

Have a combined experience of over 50 years living and enjoying the Harbour Ridge Lifestyle!

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE 04_Listings

“Friends Bring Friends To Harbour Ridge”  –  HR Properties Motto Since 1994!      

Thinking of Renting – please give us a call.  HR Properties had the most number of rentals of any real estate firm doing business at Harbour Ridge for teh 2014 Season.  We are proud of our record and are building on it this coming season, 2015.  Tony, Gwen and I have already placed multiple rentals and have many wonderful couples looking to rent for 1 or for multiple months.  If you are not going to be in Harbour Ridge for a while next season, we would like to introduce you to one of these wonderful couples by renting your home for you.  Just give us a call:   Kathy – 772-260-5499  or   Gwen – 772-834-7959.

Next week will be an exciting week at the Stein household as our son Richard, his wife Jennifer and family,  Haley, Brittany, & Richie together with AJ Stein,  Tony IV’s son,  will be visiting for a summer vacation.  Summer is a great time to come to Florida as you will have the entire playground to  yourself!

Tony, Gwen & I  wish you all a very healthy summer.  If you need anything while you are gone, please do not hesitate to call as we are always “on campus” adn available.  We do not have summer hours – we are open for business – 24/7/365 as usual!

HR Properties, For all your real estate needs – to buy, to sell, to advise, or to just chat.  


TONY & KATHY STEIN  —  772-260-5499

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Gwen_web2

GWEN DEISLER  —  772-834-7959

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