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Dear Friends and Fellow Members

Why would Dave Smith, Michael Salerno, and the Harbour Ridge Board publicize a letter from an alleged anonymous disgruntled prospect?  There is only one reason and that is to promote negative information about Kathy Stein and HR Properties (HRP) in the hopes of persuading members and recipients of the letter to use their in-house agency instead of HRP.

The anonymous letter is dated February, 2017, Dave Smith’s letter is dated July 21, 2017, and his announcement of the renewal of HARBOUR RIDGE REALTY, a failed club effort of many years ago, is dated April 19, 2017.  Management and the Board waited almost six months before releasing the anonymous letter.  Wouldn’t any reasonable person during that time have called Kathy Stein or HRP to inquire as to the veracity of the letter?  We never had a call.

We believe we know the author of the letter as his or her agent Gail McCallum of ReMax of Stuart has brought only a few clients to Harbour Ridge.  The anonymous letter is completely false, without specifics, and without merit. If Gail’s client wished to buy a property, her client needed to make an offer. They saw the home and had full access to it at all times. There was never an offer. Gail was informed that there were multiple interested parties. We have NEVER charged a 7% commission.

Our reputation has been built on service, honesty, integrity and performance over the past 23 years without cost to our friends and fellow members.  Dave Smith even has the audacity to state that they have other, I am sure, anonymous complaints on file, just call Michael Salerno.

Thank you all for your letters, e-mails and calls of support.  It means so much to Kathy, Gwen and me.  The complaint by Michael Salerno and the Board is spawned by jealously not merit.  Now we will go into what we do best, performance and working for you while reporting only to you.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are here for you.

Tony Stein

Broker, HR Properties

Harbour Ridge Member Since 1989

August Market Update

The following grid represents all real estate firms operating in Harbour Ridge this year and the number of buyers each has brought into the community.  Arranged in the numerical order by the number of buyers.  HR Properties, Tony & Kathy Stein and Gwen Deisler, are proud of our contribution to the Harbour Ridge sales and rental market and our successes for over 2 decades for  Harbour Ridge.

HR Properties is proud of our success in the Harbour Ridge real estate market

and Tony, Gwen & I want to share our success with you as you deserve the facts concerning sales

As the above Data  demonstrates: HR Properties, led by Tony Stein, Broker Has enjoyed another successful year and we are not finished! 

Season 2017     All Closed & Pending Sales October 1 to Present Date




In addition to the above we are negotiating 2 active contracts, unfortunately both are Bank foreclosed properties.

The above stats are from the Multiple listing records of Martin County in which Harbour Ridge is located and the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser office.  We include Bank Foreclosures as sales only because that is the way they are reported by the Club.

We are pleased to report that this Season, HR Properties has sold 2 condominiums “sight Unseen”, which means the buyer never physically visited the property but only viewed and brought it from our website presentation,   Over the 24 plus years HR Properties has been successfully selling in Harbour Ridge, we sold well over 2 dozen properties  sight unseen.  The HR Properties team, Tony Stein, Kathy Stein and  Gwen Deisler are working hard to assure that Harbour Ridge is on the rebound.

The biggest problem the community has is still the failure to attract the outside real estate community to our market.  One or two Realtors will bring a prospect to look at Harbour Ridge but in general, as you can see from the above grid, they do not continue  participate.  Illustrated Properties was chosen to be the in-house real estate office some years ago and while they were successful when they staffed the inhouse office, they no longer bring prospects to Harbour Ridge?  Basically, the same is true of the other firms that have followed them, Prudential, Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams as preferred inhouse offices.  It appears to be a failure in our marketing and promotional efforts.

For example, the following statistics from communities that do not share our amenities and the cost of same are very revealing: DOM means “days on the market”


4833 SW Bermuda Way           Listed For:  $465,000 / Sold For:  $440,000 – DOM: 42

4653 SW Bermuda Way           Listed For:  459,000 / Sold For:  $410,888 – DOM: 66

4884 SW Bermuda Way           Listed For:  $549,000  Sold For:  $530,000 – DOM:  40

5242 SW Bimini Circle             Listed For:  $400,000 / Sold For:  $387,500 – DOM: 16

4743 SW Bermuda Way           Listed For:  $595,000 / Sold For:  $575,000 – DOM:  61

Hammock Creek

2293 SW Dove Canyon Way     Listed For: $560,000 / Sold For:  $540,000 – DOM:  44

4979 SW Hammock Creek Dr   Listed For:  $549,000 / Sold For:  $549,000 – DOM:  12

Monarch CC

2511 SW Manor Hill Drive        Listed For:  $599,000 / Sold For:  $570,000 – DOM: 101

2490 SW Manor Hill Drive       Listed For:  $490,000 / Sold For:  $460,000 – DOM:  54

2160 SW Bradford Place         Listed For:  $489,900 / Sold For $480,000 – DOM: 21


4391 SE Haig Point Court         Listed For: $445,000 / Sold For: $400,000 –  DOM 251

1417 SE Brewster Place           Listed For: $449,000 / Sold For: $425,000 – DOM 226

4396 SE Coventry Lane            Listed For: $459,000 / Sold For: $450,000 – DOM 25

4348 SE Coventry Lane            Listed For: $479,000 / Sold For: $442,500 – DOM 90

2061 SE Talbot Place               Listed For: $499,000 / Sold For: $470,000 – DOM 41

3133 SE Doubleton Drive         Listed For: $525,000 / Sold For: $526,000 (+$1,000) – DOM 451

4407 SE Haig Point Court        Listed For: $575,000 / Sold For: $555,000 – DOM 56

3025 SE Doubleton Drive         Listed For: $600,000 / Sold For: $575,000 – DOM 219

4257 SE Frazier Court            Listed For: $625,000 / Sold For: $550,000 – DOM 10

3043 SE Doubleton Drive         Listed For: $775,000 / Sold For: $720,000 – DOM 45

4593 SE Waterford Drive       Listed For: $799,000 / Sold For: $750,000 – DOM 163

3487 SE Doubleton Drive         Listed For: $799,000 / Sold For: $750,000 – DOM 77

3535 SE Doubleton Drive         Listed For: $1,349,000 / Sold For: $1,300,000 – DOM 80

Tony, Gwen and I  work for and only report to YOU.  Your information is your private business and is always strictly confidential.

For Sale in Harbour Ridge: As of 8-2-17, there are 75 properties for sale in Harbour Ridge, 38 homes and 37 condominiums.

Home prices range from $4,900 for a foreclosure 2-bedroom patio home with a lovely pool to  $799,000 for a Custom home on Winters Creek.  7% of all homes for sale are foreclosed properties.

Condominium prices range from “make an offer and the seller will pay the cost of the buyer’s equity to HRYCC” in full to $615,000 for a fantastic Osprey Village condominium. 11% of all condominiums for sale are foreclosures and another one is coming on the market soon.  It is no longer unusual for a seller to have to pay for the new buyer’s equity.

While the number of properties for sale appears to have been reduced, please remember many members take their homes off the market during the out of season months.  Basically 11% of the  community is for sale and while this number is greatly reduced from the winter, where it was 14 to 15%, it is disturbing that almost 11% of the properties for sale are foreclosures with more coming on the market.

Rentals.  As always HR Properties  is receiving many calls from prospects looking to rent and while it is still very early, we have placed numerous rentals.  Please realize that you are free to rent your home or condominium as the July deadline only existed for those properties who were under contract or already rented – we can explain, if you wish to rent, just call Gwen, 772-834-7959 or me, 772—260-5499 or any of the phone numbers listed below and let us know.

HR Properties continues to be extremely busy showing and writing contracts and placing many rentals and while Tony, Gwen and I are looking forward to a day off, please remember, we are here for you and available 24/7!

Wish List: We have a client looking for a 4 bedroom or 3 bedroom plus a den/bedroom home to rent for the month of February.

To Preview Harbour Ridge Homes For Sale, Please click on the following link:

To Preview Harbour Ridge Condos For Sale, Please click on the following link:

To Preview Harbour Ridge Rentals, Please click on the following link:

HR Properties Stability through Continuity To the Harbour Ridge Real Estate Market Since 1992

Tony & I made a commitment to Harbour Ridge real estate over 24 years ago and renewed it every year.

Gwen Deisler, celebrating over 30 years at HR Properties, has been making her commitment since 2011.

We believe that when you make a commitment you build hope, when you keep it you build trust.  Thank you

Tony & Kathy Stein, 772-260-5499

Gwen Deisler, 772-834-7959

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