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October 5, 2015

Dear Friends and Fellow Members,

Tony, Gwen and I are very happy to enter into a new season for Harbour Ridge.  It is our 21st season of representing select homeowners and buyers in the wonderful community that we share.  We all know that Harbour Ridge is the best golfing, yachting, tennis, fitness, social and recreational community in Florida.  Kindly join us in bringing this to the attention of everyone, our relatives and friends, who may be looking for the perfect vacation home or community.  We work hard every day, 24/7, to tout our community on the internet through our exclusive connections with The Golf Course Home network, The Private Communities Registry, on our award winning website,, which is dedicated exclusively to Harbour Ridge real estate, and through our new aerial video which is featured on YouTube, our website and both search engines.

HR Properties Aerial Video – Check It Out!

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  Now lets look at the results of last season and our spectacular kick off to the new Season 2015

The following are the new 2014/2015 transactions.  HR Properties is pleased to have jump started our new season by being involved in every recent sale.   Good news – 5 of the seven transactions are to new buyers.   6 of the pending properties were listed and marketed with HR Properties and all but one of the pending sales were sold by HR Properties.  The seventh was sold by Tesoro, Ravello & Watersong Realty

# Closing List Pc Sold Pc Model Village Listing Broker Selling Broker
1 Pending $150,000 TBA 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
2 Pending $50,000 TBA 2-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES Strategic Marketing & Sales, Co.
3 Pending $16,000 TBA 2-Bed Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
4 Pending $299,000 TBA Barcelona Royal Fern Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
5 Pending $179,000 TBA 3-Bed South Shore HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
6 Pending $100,000 TBA 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
7 Pending $125,000 TBA Patio/Pool Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES

Year End Market Report For Season 2014

40 Homes/Condos have sold and closed last season, 2014 – October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

# Close Date List Price Sale Price Model Village Listing Firm Selling Firm
1 10-13 $109,000 43,740 Condo    3-Bed Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
2 10-13 $289,000 240,000 Patio Fig Tree HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
3 10-13 $485,000 415,000 Barcelona Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
4 10-13 $125,000 125,000 Patio/Pool Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
5 10-13 $123,500 115,000 Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
6 10-13 $50,000 40,000 Patio Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
7 11-13 $9,500 9,500 Condo    2-Bed Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
8 11-13 $389,000 311,500 Marbella Mariner HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
9 11-13 $149,900 125,000 Condo    3-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
10 11-13 $500,000 495,000 Cordova Live Oak HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
11 11-13 $39,000 10,000 Condo    2-Bed Mile Lake Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
12 11-13 $225,000 190,000 Portofino Laurel Oak Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
13 11-13 $149,000 90,000 San Remo Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
14 12-13 $224,000 190,000 Marbella Mariner Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
15 03-14 $75,000 45,000 San Remo Sweetbay Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
16 03-14 $30,000 10,000 Condo    2-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
17 04-14 $75,000 31,600 San Remo Cinnamon Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
18 04-14 $25,000 15,000 Condo    3-Bed Mile Lake Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
19 04-14 $108,000 90,000 San Remo Cinnamon Private Sale Private Sale
20 04-14 $259,000 250,000 Condo    3-Bed So. Shore Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
21 04-14 $825,000 700,000 Custom Harbour Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
22 04-14 $139,000 90,000 San Remo Sweetbay Remax Remax
23 04-14 $120,000 110,000 Condo    3-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
24 05-14 $525,000 420,000 Atlantis Riverside Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
25 05-14 $25,000 25,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
26 05-14 $59,999 51,000 San Remo Greenbrier IPRE Berkshire/Hathaway
27 05-14 $349,000 305,000 San Remo Bayberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
28 05-14 $319,000 280,000 Marbella Live Oak HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
29 05-14 $40,000 30,000 2-Bd Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
30 05-14 $8,900 5,000 Condo    2-Bed Palmetto HR PROPERTIES HR POA
31 05-14 $119,900 75,000 San Remo Cinnamon Remax Remax
32 05-14 $349,000 339,000 Custom Harbour All FL Realty Gr Berkshire/Hathaway
33 06-14 $225,000 215,000 San Remo Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
34 06-14 $349,000 155,000 Marbella Mariner Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
35 06-14 $285,000 235,000 Barcelona Royal Fern HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
36 07-14 $350,000 310,000 San Remo Bayberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
37 07-14 $95,000 90,000 Condo    2-Bed Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway Lifestyle Realty
38 08-14 $275,000 275,000 Condo    3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
39 08-14 $225,000 $140,000 Cordova Lancewood HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
40 09-14 $279,000 $139,000 Portofino Laurel Oak Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway

New Listings – we have a number of new wonderful listings including a Marbella with a private wet-prairie view and 2 new condos in excellent condition but photographs have been “rain delayed”!  Keep checking the website to preview these fabulous homes and condos.

2014 October Newsletter UT Screen


HR Properties – Your Independently Owned & Operated Boutique Real Estate Firm Of Choice

Continues To Bring Stability Through Continuity To The Harbour Ridge Market & Our Sales History Proves It!   

Tony Stein, Kathy Stein, and Gwen Deisler have a combined 79 years at Harbour Ridge.  We are the “411 of the community”.  As real estate professionals and members of Harbour Ridge, we are knowledgeable and committed to helping our friends and fellow members buy, sell or rent.

WISH LIST:  if you want to rent your home or if you have a first floor condo, please call as we have a couple looking.  772-260-5499 or  772-834-7959.

BE SURE to explore what is for sale by clicking on the Real Estate tab above and under the Lifestyle tab, “Why Choose Harbour Ridge”, you will find a fantastic video, (it is not long!), that will make  you lonely for Harbour Ridge and want to rush back!

Remember, Tony always says to watch the weather and when the first cold front comes through in late September or early October, the hot weather will improve dramatically and it will be time to return to Harbour Ridge.  The cold front came through last night – Come’on Home.

We look forward to seeing you soon.   Take care and travel safe,

Tony Stein, Broker   Kathy Stein & Gwen Deisler

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE TONY_ME_PHOTO_2  Tony & Kathy  —  772-260-5499 cell

Gwen-Deisler  Gwen Deisler    —    772-834-7959 cell

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