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September 12, 2016

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

It is that time of year again when we compile sales information, compare the information with previous years, reflect on our marketing and sales strategy and make improvements and changes to help our clients, fellow members and friends sell or rent their homes/condominiums.  The HR Properties’ Team is dedicated to the promotion and success of real estate in Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club.  Every member of the HRP Team, Tony Stein, Broker, Kathy Stein, Gwen Deisler, Laurie Morris and Haley Stein (asst), are members of Harbour Ridge and own property in the community with the help of professionals like the tree surgeon dublin experts, that take care of the area.  Our motivation is to successfully and professionally list, market and sell your property when you decide it is time to either leave Harbour Ridge or move into a larger or smaller home or condominium.  It is because of our resolve on behalf of our clients and fellow members of Harbour Ridge, that we have successfully delivered more sales over the last 2+ decades than any other real estate company working in the community.

Our diligence and determination combined with our advertising strength and internet reach, have teach a lot of people how to learn investing in real estate and provided a superior quality of service for all our clients, fellow members and friends.   The HRP Team works for you

Sales & Pending Sale For Season 2016

The above does not include family purchases/transfers of title & was taken from the Mulitple Listing Records on Martin County

To Date: there have been 33 closed transactions in Season 2016 and there are 4 pending transactions one of which is scheduled to close the end of September.   Below, each blue square represents the number of buyers that each Real Estate Company has sold for this season, 2016, as recorded in the multiple listing service of Martin County in which Harbour Ridge real estate resides.

HR Properties continues to out preform ALL real estate companies in Harbour Ridge.


Broker                           #Buyers              

HR Properties               20 buyers

Berkshire Hathaway        6 buyers

Private                                1 buyer

Keller Williams                 3 buyers

Hatch Group, KW            1 buyer

Atlantic Shores Realty     1 buyer

Bank Purchase                  1 takeover

Private From Bank           1 buyer

Harbour Ridge POA          1

Undisclosed                        2 – the Participating Agent was not listed in MLS!

The following is a comparison with Season 2015

Broker                           #Buyers

HR Properties               26 buyers

Berkshire Hathaway        11 buyers

Keller Williams                 2   buyers

Strategic Marketing         1   buyer

Elliot Paul                          1   buyer

Re/Max                              1   buyer

2016 PURCHASE PRICE INFORMATION – based upon all closed and pending sales included above


Properties Sold This Year:


  •  2 of the 3 bedroom 2nd floor condo sales were the same condo, first to a buyer and then to HRYCC.  The 3rd sales was a foreclosure


While the reason for our success is multifold, it is mainly attributed to an award winning website,, which is the “only real estate website that is totally dedicated to promoting sales and rentals in Harbour Ridge” coupled with an extensive advertising program with 2 of the best search engines promoting communities like Harbour Ridge: The Golf Course Home Network, (click here to view online), and The Private Communities Registry, (Click Here to view online), as well as more traditional advertising offered to real estate firms such as, Zillow, Trulia, Florida Properties, to name just a few.  Our advertising reach is local, national and international as evidenced by our sales.

We have made a few exciting improvements to our website this summer including a button where a prospect can preview the neighborhood in which a property resides – for example: Click Here to preview Mariner Village.   This Preview The Village tab is on our community site plan page as well as the individual property’s listing page.

Tired of the virtual tours that zoom in and out of rooms and make you seasick?  You are not the only one as they are dated!  Prospects want information quickly and form opinions even faster and the HR Properties’ Team is on top of that movement.  Take a peek at another one of our new promotional quickies that is also linked to promotional social media.  The video presentation will be changed frequently so it does not become boring and stale.  Haley is busy creating a video for every listing.  Click on the following address to preview the video tour on the property’s featured page:  2227 Seagrass Drive in Fairway Village.   When on the page, you can preview the village, take a video tour, peruse multiple still photos and print a full brochure.

We want to hear from you!  While we have many additional programs that we plan to implement this season, we appreciate and are always open to suggestions.  Please e-mail or call Gwen, Haley or me with comments or recommendation.

We also have a lovely couple looking to rent for 1 month, flexible date.  They have a beautifully behaved Portuguese Water Dog and will guarantee the dog’s behavior.

LOOKING FOR A SMALLER HOME?  We have a couple who have a smaller home and are looking for a 4-bedroom home.  Give us a call if this is of interest to you.


We hope you are enjoying the end of summer – Fall begins on September 22nd and as we know, winter will not be far behind. Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a harsh winter.  We have a few wonderful rental properties still available.  If you have a friend who does not wish to walk through snow this winter, please tell them to give us a call.

Remember, if you need anything – HR Properties Is Here For You 24/7! 

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a safe return.

Tony Stein, Broker


Tony & Kathy Stein, Gwen Deisler, Laurie Morris, Haley Stein


Tony & Kathy Stein,  772-260-5499


Gwen Deisler, 772-834-7959

Laurie Web

Laurie Morris, 203-247-3140

haley 2

Haley Stein, assistant, 772-678-5028

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