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May 2018

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

Satisfaction is its own reward.  This past season has been very active and time consuming.  Tony, Gwen and I have labored long and hard for many years to improve sales at Harbour Ridge and to reduce the backlog of properties on the market.  While we will never be satisfied until every member who wants to sell has sold at a good price, we are satisfied with our work and the results that we have obtained for our friends and neighbors.  When we sell properties for less than we believe they are worth we do not get paid a commission commensurate with the amount of time it takes.    Our reward is knowing that we have helped our fellow members, friends and clients achieve their future plans. That is our GOAL & our REWARD.

Further we measure our success by the number of homes and condominiums that we have sold not by dollar volume.  Dollar volume may help one receive high commissions but it does not help all members in their quest to sell their property at Harbour Ridge.

Enclosed please find statistics garnered from the Multiple Listing Service which indicates our success.  After more than 2 ½ decades of selling at Harbour Ridge, it is a report of which we are proud.  This has been our aim and our accomplishment achieved for over many previous years.

We would like to thank our search engines that provide us with a plethora of  new, highly qualified prospects.  We have worked with both The Golf Course Home Network and The Private Communities Registry since their inception and we would like to remind you that HR Properties pays for all  our advertising, office space and marketing material which is delivered at no cost to you.

Market Update: Season 2018 October 1 to Present Date



The above does not include legacy purchases, when one member of the family assumes the family house.

The following Grid Represents the Number of Buyers Each Firm Has Sold Property To HARBOUR RIDGE in Season 2018, October 1 to present date.

Congratulations again due to HR Properties promotional efforts for “our club” and listing sellers.  We are pleased to tell you that Harbour Ridge has achieved another wonderful ranking award    “The Top 20 Golf Communities in North America.”  This Top 20 golf communities list is a little different from our ranking #1 most visited community on the Golf Course Home Network. It’s not about golf. The Communities have been chosen because they are providing experiences, amenities or opportunities that appeal to their residents’ passions and interests. It’s about communities that have pushed beyond golf and created a more expansive and inclusive lifestyle for their residents.   Harbour Ridge is especially mentioned because of our dog park and our community wide commitment to “Man’s Best Friend” — The dog!

Most of all, Tony, Gwen and I want to thank you, our friends and fellow members for your continued help and support.  We will not be taking the summer off and we will maintain our 24/7 hours.  If you are planning to un-list your property for the summer please remember, there is no hiding from the internet.  Your property listing  history is available online for any amateur with a computer to find.  Don’t loose months of marketing and promotion, give either Gwen or Me a call to discuss other options available to you.

Take care & have a good summer,

Tony, Kathy & Gwen




Tony & Kathy Stein, 772-260-5499






Gwen Deisler, 772-834-7959


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