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Season 2021 Final Sales Count

October 2021

Dear Friends and Fellow Members,

It is a pleasure to welcome the return of “A Seller’s Market to Harbour Ridge”.  It has been a long time since the real estate market at Harbour Ridge was this hot!  Season 2021, (October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021), set some new selling records in our community and certainly made many sellers happy.  Property sales reached over 100 in number and greatly reduced the inventory of homes and condominiums for sale.  Many home prices and Riverside and Osprey Village condominium prices hit all-time highs.   Private sales were numerous as prospects personally contacted potential sellers.  Unfortunately, selling prices on the smaller 2 and 3-Bedroom homes and condominiums remain depressed.   However, before we all get too comfortable, let’s remember, we have been here before.    

Market Update – as reported in the multiple listing service, MLS.  The following grid is presented a little differently as this year as we were very fortunate to have many  outside Brokers participating in our real estate market and not enough room on the grid to acknowledge them all individually.  The outside real estate community has always been the answer to our real estate problems.  Realtors everywhere are very busy searching for homes for their clients.  

Sold Homes – Season 2021

  • 32 out of 54 home buyers, (59.25%), as recorded in the MLS, brought in Harbour Ridge through an outside Real Estate Firm

Sold Condominiums – Season 2021

  • 20 out of 42 Condominium buyers, (48%), as recorded in the MLS, brought their condo through an outside Real Estate Firm
  • 54% of all real estate sales in Harbour Ridge this past season, as recorded in the MLS, were sold by Outside Real Estate Companies.  The real estate community at large is necessary to maintain and increase our property values. 

Did You Know:

  • The Multiple Listing Service now offers a category to Realtors where an agent can advertise a property as “COMING SOON”.  This  provides a method for listing agents to notify other ALL other Realtors that a property will be coming on the market after preparations, such as property photos being taken or the property being staged, have been completed. 
  • Is this a smart option for a seller?  ABSOLUTELY – YES.  This category will build anticipation for your property while attracting more buyers to it.  More buyers benefit you.
  • A property listed as  “Coming Soon” may not be shown by anyone including your Realtor until the listing date is activated.  All agents participating in the MLS will know your property is coming on the market. They will contact their clients.  You, the Seller, will have a larger pool of prospective buyers. 
  • Currently, there is a trend developing in Harbour Ridge to sign up a listing and sell the property before it is entered  into the MLS.  This does not benefit the seller or other members only the listing agent.

Thinking of Selling?

  • Be Smart, Be Informed or Beware.
  • Before you list you property, it is wise to interview at least 2 Realtors from different firms; 3 would be better. There are many successful Realtors living and working in Harbour Ridge, call them.  All Realtors will be happy to provide you with a market analysis on you property.
  • Obtain a market analysis and a sampling of the listing agreement.  Ask Questions: “if I list with you, when will my property be entered into the MLS?” 
  • Be sure your agent enters your property into the MLS for all Realtors to be aware of. If your Realtor does not make other Realtors aware of your listing, then you potentially run the risk of losing dollars in profit.

Currently For Sale: use top naviagtion bar to preview

Currently, there are 3 homes and 3 condominiums for sale. I just listed another home as “Coming Soon” status. While I am not permitted to advertise the home, it is in the MLS for all agents to see as “Coming Soon”.

HR Properties, now affiliated with the Keyes Company (one of the largest independently owned real estate firms in Florida and the nation). is in the process of streamlining its website to keep up with the changes in our community.  We have completed another busy season.  Our proven advertising  with 2 of the largest search engines, The Golf Course Home Network, (, and The Private Communities Registry, (, continues to  provide more leads on a daily basis than we have properties for sale.  Last season 2020, Harbour Ridge presented by Kathy Stein, was once again, named “Community of the Year”.  If you are think of selling, give me a call, 772-260-5499, I will be happy to discuss your options with you

Our Wish List: 

  1. A Client is looking for an Atlantis or Nautilus condominium in Riverside or Osprey Village. 
  2. A Client is looking for a Golf Collection Home Barcelona, Cordova or Marbella Golf Home

As we start a new season, I wish to again gratefully thank everyone for the many, many letters of support, encouragement, and kindness that I received after Tony’s passing. There are angels among us and I have been blessed with more than my share of angel/friends watching over me. . It wonderful to see how many lives Tony reached and how respected he was.   

Cooler weather is returning, if you have not, it is time to do so. 

Hoping this finds you healthy and well,

Kathy Stein, (772-260-5499)

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