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July 12, 2016

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

Summer is usually slower than our “in” season traffic. However, that has not been the case this summer. While it has been HOT, so is our traffic!  Tony, Gwen, Laurie, Haley and I are happy to be busy with prospects, rental preparations, out of season additions and improvements to our award winning website, new advertising additions and more – all to help you and our listed properties at Harbour Ridge.  Remember, HR Properties is “your” all Member/Realtor Real Estate Firm Of Choice & Sales and Market Leaders In Harbour Ridge.  We work for you.

Many of you have asked if a lockbox is beneficial for showings.  Lockboxes are helpful for an agent that only has a few listings in Harbour Ridge and also operates in other communities near and far.  Lockboxes are primarily used in areas where there is no onsite office and/or an agent isn’t necessarily located close to the listing to easily accommodate showings.  HR Properties exclusively sells and rents real estate in Harbour Ridge.  We are available 24/7 to you, our prospective buyers and other real estate agents to open your home for a showing, turn on the lights for the best possible presentation and when requested by you, to accompany those agents.  The majority of professional real estate agents like to have a listing agent accompany the showing so they can point out the benefits and special features of the home.  We also return to secure your home after a showing, to make sure all lights are off and doors are “locked” whether you are in residence or not.  Lockboxes are not needed to ensure other agents free access to your home or condominium.  We have provided this service in the past and will continue to do so in the future for your protection.  No one listed with our company has lost showings for the lack of a lock box.


Further, the appearance of multiple lockboxes in a village evidences that too many properties in our community are for sale – 51 homes and 44 condominiums or 14% of the community with 3 more listings about to come on the market.  In our opinion, this is not good marketing and is counterproductive to sales.  Lockboxes have a tendency to attract notice that the property may be vacant or unoccupied to vendors, landscapers, and contractors and remember, you will have to put your alarm key in the lockbox if your alarm is on. They are rarely used on higher-end homes or in upscale communities as Sellers and their agents want to perceive a “hands-on” more professional showing atmosphere by having the listing agent accompany.

If you wish to discuss this matter further or would like to know exactly how a lockbox works, please let me know; both Gwen and I will be happy to call and/or visit to discuss this with you in person.

All Closed & Pending Sales At Harbour Ridge For Season 2016, October 1, 2015 to Present Date

07-12-16 Market Update















The above does not include family purchases/transfers of title

***  the listing agent did not record the selling Agent/Broker in MLS

To Date: there have been 31 closed transactions in Season 2016 and there are 3 pending transactions.  Below, each blue square represents the number of buyers that each Real Estate Company has sold for this season, 2016.

HR Properties continues to out preform ALL real estate companies in Harbour Ridge.

07-12-16 Market Update Buyers









Broker                           #Buyers               #Listings Sold

HR Properties               20 buyers            23 properties listed with HR Properties have sold

Berkshire Hathaway        6 buyers                4 properties listed with Berkshire Hathaway sold

Private                                1 buyer                   3 properties

Keller Williams                 2 buyers                1 properties listed with KW sold

Hatch Group KW             1 buyer                   1 property

Foreclosure                       2 takeovers           2

Harbour Ridge POA       1

Undisclosed                     1

01B Listing Sheet J

02 Listing Sheet For Internet

03 Listing Sheet For Internet

To Preview Homes For Sale Please click on the following link

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Thinking Of Renting Next Season:  Many of our rental properties have rented and we have a wait list for shorter term rentals of 1 or 2 months.  If you have not already done so, let us know if you are interested in renting your home or condominium during season 2017.







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Best wishes to all for a wonderful summer.  Tony, Kathy, Gwen, Laurie, and our assistant Haley are here and available to you for all your real estate needs 24/7.

Tony Stein, Broker








Tony & Kathy Stein, 772-260-5499


2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Gwen_web2

Gwen Deisler, 772-834-7959



Laurie Web

Laurie Morris, 203-247-3140



haley 2


Haley Stein, assistant  772-648-5028

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