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April Real Estate Market Update

Dear Friends & Fellow Members,

HR Properties Has RENTERS!

Some of you have called us saying that you were confused by the recent solicitation from Harbour Ridge Yacht Country Club regarding their need for rental properties and we feel that there are some things you need to know.  First and foremost, Harbour Ridge is not a rental community.  Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club is not a licensed real estate firm; the Club cannot rent your property for you.  The Club has to refer your property to a realtor and the Club only refers prospects to Berkshire Hathaway.  Many members who rent or wish to rent their properties through HR Properties have told the club to contact us if they have a prospect.  Agents from other real estate firms contact the Realtor in charge of the property to see if it available.   This is the way real estate is supposed to work.  The Club’s request for rental properties should have read,

“Harbour Ridge need rentals.  If this is of interest to you, contact the Realtor or firm of your choice.”

 A word of caution: if your home is for sale or you are contemplating listing it for sale and wish to rent this season.  Two for “sale and/or rent” homes moved their listing contract to HR Properties from another brokerage firm. The price isn’t too steep, but if you do think it is, then maybe private money lenders are your go-to.

Before doing so, their home was rented through their first real estate firm.  Their tenants were not required to show the home and the property missed multiple showings.  Do not make this costly mistake.

Why should you rent through HR Properties

  1. Our commission rate is 10% which is less than the majority of realtors charge
  2. We know the market, the community and prospective renters better than any other real estate agency.
  3. HR Properties has provided the majority of rentals in years past.
  4. Tony, Gwen & I will, with  your approval, immediately take care of incidental repairs required by renters immediately while making sure that they have a wonderful time in your home.
  5. Tony, Gwen & I are available 24/7 – 365 days a year for your rental and real estate needs.
  6. Tony, Gwen & I have over a ½ century at Harbour Ridge and shall continue to be here for you in the future – We provide “Stability Through Continuity” to the Harbour Ridge sale and rental market.
  7. If you home or condo is for sale, HR Properties has a proven track record of converting “prospects” into “BUYERS”

Market Update – Season 2015:   

All closed sales and pending sales in Harbour Ridge, (October 1, 2015 to present date)

# Closing List Prc Sold Prc Model Village Listing Broker Selling Broker
8 Pending $395,000   Barcelona Deer Moss HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
7 Pending $400,000   Barcelona East Hammock HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
6 Pending $235,000   Cordova Buttonbush HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
5 Pending $459,000   Cordova Buttonbush HR PROPERTIES Berkshire/Hathaway
4 Pending $675,000   Barcelona Royal Fern HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
3 Pending $600,000   Atlantis Riverside HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
2 Pending $250,000 Portifino Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
1 Pending $165,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
21 04-16-15 $69,900 $50,000 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
20 ———— Take Over n/a 2-Bed Palmetto None HRCYY – take over
19 4-13-15 $299,000 $275,000 Portofino Sweetbay Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
18 04-03-15 $300,000 $250,000 San Remo Buttonbush Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
17 03-23-15 $325,000 $300,000 Cordova Lancewood Stracuzzi Keller Williams
16 03-09-15 $109,000 $92,500 2-Bed Bayhead Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
15 02-18-15 $95,000 57,500 Patio Fairway Berkshire/Hathaway Elliot Paul  & Company
14 03-02-15 $149,000 117,000 3-Bedroom Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
13 01-02-15 $150,000 $120,000 2-Bedroom Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
12 01-30-15 $135,000 $100,000 Patio Dewberry Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
11 01-22-15 $379,000 $350,000 Portofino Sweetbay HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
10 12-31-14 $20,000 $20,000 2-Bed Palmetto Berkshire/Hathaway Keller Williams
9 11-12-14 $129,000 $100,000 2-Bed Bayhead Berkshire/Hathaway Berkshire/Hathaway
8 11-12-14 $299,000 $240,000 Barcelona Royal Fern Berkshire/Hathaway HR PROPERTIES
7 11-05-14 150,000 $145,000 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
6 10-15-14 $125,000 $125,000 Patio/Pool Dewberry HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
5 10-15-14 $179,000 $156,000 3-Bed South Shore HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
4 10-14-14 $15,000 $10,000 2-Bed Pond Apple HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES
3 10-13-14 $87,500 $35.000 Cottage Greenbriar Berkshire/Hathaway Private
2 10-08-14 $50,000 $7,000 2-Bed Mile Lake HR PROPERTIES Strategic Marketing
1 10-06-14 $100,000 $95,000 3-Bed Bayhead HR PROPERTIES HR PROPERTIES

There have been 21 closed transactions in Harbour Ridge, this number includes 1 takeover by HRYCC from a delinquent member which is clearly, not a sale.  Currently there are 8 properties pending or 29 transactions in all.

The above or following grid does not include “title changes” where one family member is buying out another family member.

Real Estate Office Comparison:

To date, only 4 outside Real Estate companies, HR Properties being one of them, have participated in sales at Harbour Ridge this Season 2015, (October 1, 2014 to present date).

While it is nice for a real estate firm to have listings, it is imperative that your real estate firm has buyers.

The following is a grid showing the number of prospects each real estate firm has converted into a buyer.

HR Properties 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16  
Berkshire Hathaway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7                
Keller Williams 1 2                              
Strategic Marketing/ Sales 1                                
Elliot Paul 1                                
Private 1                                
Club Take Over 1                                

HR Properties is pleased for our listing sellers and for Harbour Ridge to report that we have sold a total of 16 listings this season and season 2015 still has 5+ months to go!

16 of HR Properties listings have sold this season

HR Properties sold 11 of its own listed properties

Strategic Marketing sold 1 property listed with HR Properties

Berkshire Hathaway sold 2 properties listed with HR Properties

11 out of 16 HR Properties’ sales were sold by HR Properties

12 of Berkshire Hathaway listings have been sold

Berkshire Hathaway sold 5 of its own listings

HR Properties sold 5 properties listed with Berkshire Hathaway

Keller Williams sold one of BHHS listings

Another property listed with BHHS was sold privately

8 out of 12 Berkshire Hathaway properties were sold by other real estate firms.

 Thinking of selling or renting your home or condo – give us a call to discuss how Tony, Gwen or I can help you.

We have many wonderful new listing and great opportunities for you and your friends which we will send to you in another e-mail.  In the meantime, you can click on one of the following links to preview them.  You can also copy and paste the following links into e-mails to your friends as “Friends Bring Friends To Harbour Ridge!”.

Car carriers are appearing at the gate!  Sad time of year as many of our friends will be leaving.   But not yet – May can be one of the best weather months in Florida!!

Give us a call if you have a real estate question – we are here for you and will be all summer – and with this summer, HR Properties will have an apprentice!  We ae pleased to announce that Haley Stein will be joining our HR Properties’ team for the summer.  She will be learning more about real estate from Gwen, Tony and me than many of the professionals working in the business today.

APRIL - Tony-Me

Tony & Kathy Stein    772-260-5499

2014 MAY MARKET UPDATE Gwen_web2

  Gwen Deisler    772 834-7959

One thought on “Harbour Ridge April Market Update & Rentals

  1. And a very good morning kathy,
    Well, I detect some winds of politics blowing thru.
    We did receive the email from harbour ridge mentioning the shortage of rentals, and “recommending ” Berkshire hathaway, with no mention of hr properties.
    All I can say is that your experience and knowledge of the community were both instrumental in converting Bonnie and me from renters to buyers. That being said, it took me a month or so to realize that you “hr properties”, was not actually Harbour Ridge. The similarity in the names can lead someone in a different direction. Then the name Berkshire hathaway comes into the mix, you eventually get it.
    That being said, we had a very nice winter in Palm city, but living in our “in limbo” unit was enough and we are glad to be home. Work starts next week and we will be down in the later part of June for a week or so.
    Weather in 60’s and 70’s here, and golf courses not really ready due to not enough warm days, but glad to be playing in my home games.
    Your point is well taken, and again thanks for your direction during our search.
    You folks strong like bull. We will see you later in June……adios….Bonnie and Larry

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